Cooper’s Famous Mileage Warranty Q & A's

Cooper’s Famous Mileage Warranty Q & A's For 35 years in the USA, 20 years in Australia and now in New Zealand, Cooper Tires were the first tyre company to provide 4WDrivers with a mileage warranty ranging from 50,000 to 80,000 kms, depending on size and pattern. Cooper Tires will usually outlast most competitor brands, even when used in those difficult conditions beyond normal use when rapid wear can occur in any brand of tyre.

Why is the Mileage Warranty less in Rural Areas than Metro Cities?
The reason the mileage warranty is different in Metro cities compared to Rural areas, is due to the fact that most road surfaces in Metro cities are similar. Whereas in Rural areas, the road conditions vary dramatically. Even sealed surfaces vary from area to area. The mileage you obtain in a rural area may be less due to these conditions however the life expectancy of your Coopers compared to many other brands in the same conditions should be greater.

What happens to my warranty if I go on a major trip?
Nothing happens! As long as you keep up your service schedule, your warranty will be honoured wherever you travel in New Zealand. Just make sure you always keep your warranty card in your car. Call 0800 383 695 and we can help you find an authorised dealer.

Why does the Mileage Guarantee range from 50,000 to 80,000 km?
Because a small tyre cannot give the same mileage as a larger tyre that may have even deeper treads and differing patterns! Different sizes also vary in carcass construction which can influence the life expectancy of the tyre.

What happens after 80,000 km, does this mean I have no warranty after the 80,000?
You are no longer covered by the mileage warranty after you have gone past the specified warranty mileage, but you are still covered against manufacturing faults for 72 months from date of purchase, or until the tread wears down to 1.6mm, in which case the tyre is worn out and the warranty ends.

What if I already get 80,000 km from my original tyres, does this mean I will get more from my Coopers?
If your original tyres have travelled 80,000 kms, then you should still expect more mileage out of your Coopers as they have up to up 30.3% more tread than most original equipment tyres and up to 46.3% deeper tread in the shoulders.

If I sell my vehicle, is the warranty transferable?
Yes, as long as the warranty card is transferred between customers and the amount of kms that has already been run is correct and all up to date, and the purchaser is aware that balance and alignment checks are required every 10,000 kms.

Why is the Cooper STT not available with the mileage warranty?
Because it is regarded as a more dedicated off-road tyre and mostly used in more harsh terrain than the other
patterns. It also has a special cut and chip compound which may cause this tyre to actually last longer than other patterns in off-road conditions, however with mainly blacktop driving it may wear a little more quickly.

Travelling off-road

Does the Warranty cover offroad damage?
We do not warrant against tyre punctures and damage, as they are seen as general road hazards and not a manufacturing defect or reason for not achieving the stated mileage warranty for the tyre.

Does the Mileage Warranty apply if you drive off-road?
Yes, we understand that most people will take their four wheel drives off-road, but as stated above, road hazards or damage that is not a manufacturing fault are not covered. A selling dealer can refuse to give you a mileage warranty based on his or her discretion on the intended use of the tyres.

Maintaining your Warranty

Why is it important to buy tyres from Authorised Cooper Tires Dealers only?
Because they are trained to recommend the correct tyre for your usage, and unauthorised dealers can not supply the mileage warranty.

What do I need to do to maintain my mileage warranty and why?
You must rotate and balance your tyres and have your wheel alignment checked every 10,000 kilometres and ensure that there is no mechanical reason that may be causing rapid tyre wear. An Authorised Cooper Tires Dealer must sign your card each time after the regular service is completed. You must maintain the correct tyre pressures at all times.

Why do I have to balance, rotate and wheel align my tyres to get the warranty?
Regular maintenance is important to good tyre life. Regular rotations and inspections will ensure you get the most even wear out of your tyres. The wheel alignment is essential due to the impact of varying road surfaces and conditions. Wheel alignment should be checked to compensate for any road hazards or changes to wheel alignment angles. How many pot holes have you hit in the last 6 months?

How much extra will it cost me in servicing to get the warranty?
If you check your warranty card your tyre dealer would have quoted a special price. This price is only valid at the tyre dealer the tyres were purchased from as prices may vary from area to area. You may be required to get more regular services than you are used to, however the overall per kilometre saving usually outweighs the extra investment.

Why does the cost of this service vary between tyre dealers?
Every business has the right to choose the cost for their service and this can vary between areas because of labour and running costs.

Do I have to take my vehicle back to the tyre dealer who sold me my tyres for this service?
No, just as long as they are an authorised Cooper dealer. Call 0800 383 695 for assistance to find an authorised tyre dealer near you.

Making a Claim

How long does it take to get a decision about a mileage warranty claim?
A decision about your mileage warranty can be made as soon as an authorised Cooper dealer has measured your tread depths, checked if your services have been properly maintained by checking your warranty card and then working out the pro-rata discount on your next set of Cooper Tires. Any Authorised Cooper Tires Dealer that is uncertain of your claim can fax this information on to our service centre for an immediate decision.

How do I get a warranty claim if I am away from home?
Go to your nearest Authorised Cooper Tires Dealer for assistance. If you have moved or are travelling, go to or phone 0800 383 695 and we will direct you to the nearest authorised tyre dealer.

Does the warranty cover other defects?
All Cooper Tires are covered against manufacturing faults for 72 months from the date of purchase, or until the tread wears down to 1.6mm, in which case the tyre is worn out and the warranty ends.

Does the warranty cover punctures and tyre damage?
We do not cover tyre punctures and damage, as they are seen as general road hazards. If you get a puncture or some kind of damage from a hazard, that is not a fault with the tyre, simply an unfortunate risk of driving.

Who is not eligible for the Warranty?


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