STT PRO Super Traction Tyre

80% Dirt & Mud, 20% Road & Sand
The STT Pro is Cooper's latest generation and most advanced extreme tyre to date!

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More Traction

10% to 20% wider foot print than competition

Less Punctures

50% more protection and 2.5 times more resistance to tearing, from Patented Armour Tek3 casing.

One in five light truck tires sold in the US is made by Cooper Tire and we are one of the fastest growing 4wd brands in New Zealand.

So it’s no surprise that our latest off-road tyre, the Cooper STT pro, has new technology not seen in any of our competitions tyres, making the tyre a popular choice, for people wanting to go off-road. The STT pro is our most hard-core off-road tire and is built for extreme traction and designed to handle anything you can throw at it.


Raised Rubber Ribs and Angled Groove Walls

Stone damage caused by stone retention can be an issue in off-road tyres, due to the large gaps between the blocks. Cooper is one of the few manufacturers who use ribs and angled grooves to eject the stones and reducing the chance of casing damage.


Mud Release Dimples and Mud Scoops

Traction in mud is determined by how fast a tyre can clear the mud from the outside paddle blocks. To improve mud traction Cooper have designed dimples and scoops to help prevent mud from sticking to the block.


Flex Grove

Cooper’s STT pro comes with the patented heavy duty Armour Tek 3 casing. To improve the ride comfort Cooper have created a flex grove which dampens the impact and creates a smoother ride on inconsistent terrain.


Advanced Sipes (Internal & Micro)

Cooper is one of the only manufacturers that use siping in their off-road tyres. Sipes greatly improves a tyres performance on wet road. Cooper uses new micro gauged siping and internal in the block to help reduce cutting and chipping.

Size Approved Rim Width Ply OD mm Load Index
15" 30/9.50R15 6.50-8.50 6 W 751 104Q
31/10.50R15 7.00-9.00 6 W 781 109Q
32/11.50R15 8.00-10.00 6 W 802 113Q
33/12.50R15 8.50-11.00 6 W 831 108Q
35/12.50R15 8.50-11.00 6 W 878 113Q
16" 225/75R16 6.00-7.00 10 B 749 115Q
245/75R16 6.50-8.00 10 B 780 120Q
265/75R16 7.00-8.00 10 W 810 123Q
285/75R16 7.50-9.00 10 W 838 126Q
235/85R16 6.00-7.50 10 B 810 120Q
17" 265/70R17 7.00-8.50 10 W 811 121Q
285/70R17 7.50-9.00 10 W 839 121Q
18" 275/65R18 7.50-9.00 10 W 820 123Q
325/65R18 9.00-12.00 10 W 881 127Q

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