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New Zealand's Largest Range of 4WD Tyres

CS5 (Touring)

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud
The CS5 is the only tyre on the market featuring these new leading edge advancements. It has been tested & proven with over 1.7 million kilometres logged during its development. Uniquely crafted, the CS5 surpasses the needs of today?s SUV driver by providing an even wearing, long lasting, quiet ride.

SRX (SUV Premium Touring)

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud
The SRX blends advanced technology with innovative engineering to deliver a tyre designed to provide a high mileage, maximise ride comfort and improve tyre performance.

ZEON XST-A (Premium High Performance)

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud
The Cooper Zeon XST-A is a premium high performance sports truck tyre that utilises an asymmetrical tread design to combine ride comfort with all season traction.

CTS (Premium Touring Tyre)

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud
The Discoverer CTS is a premium luxury touring tyre designed to deliver higher levels of wet traction and ride comfort.

H/T (Highway Terrain)

90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud
The Cooper H/T is a quiet tyre offering good highway performance

A/T3 (All-Terrain)

70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud
The new Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is a direct OE replacement in a light truck construction for some of the most popular 4WD?s on the market today. The A/T3 utilises a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tyre that will perform well in nearly all types of terrains.

ZEON LTZ (All-Terrain)

70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud
The Cooper Zeon LTZ was developed as a hybrid between a sports truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre. The aggressiveness of the LTZ can tame any road surface while providing excellent ride and handling capabilities.

S/T (Sure Trac)

60% Road & Sand, 40% Dirt & Mud
While America is recognised as the world leader in 4WD tyre design, many tyres are designed for American conditions only. That is, until Cooper's Sure Trac (S/T).

S/T MAXX (Heavy Duty All-Terrain)

50% Road & Sand, 50% Dirt & Mud
The S/T MAXX is a true 50/50 tyre, based off the STT for off-road performance the tread design is quieter and better performing on-road tyre.

STT (Armor-Tek3)

20% Road & Sand, 80% Dirt & Mud
The new STT is designed for the 4WDriver who wants a tyre with the grip and puncture resistance to drive the most serious of off-road applications.

STT PRO (Super Traction Tyre)

80% Dirt & Mud, 20% Road & Sand
The STT Pro is Cooper's latest generation and most advanced extreme tyre to date!

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