Out in the scrub you don't experiment with your tyres!

For our latest treks, including to areas as diverse as the Simpson, the Flinders, Kakadu and the Blue Mountains, I decided to fit Cooper's Tyres to our vehicles. Why? Easy. I don't like changing tyres!

Having driven the bush for the last few decades you get a feel for what tyres last out here. And it didn't matter whether it was the unseasonal rain in the Corner Country turning the roads to slop, or the razor sharp rocks in the Flinder's Ranges, the Cooper Tyres were looking like new by the end.

Barely any chipping, zero punctures and brilliant wear characteristics. Say no more. Out in the scrub, you don't experiment with your tyres - unless of course you get a kick out of bush survival! And that's why I chose Cooper's.

Pat Calinan
Mr 4x4

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