350 million tires: Cooper rolls in Texarkana

It’s taken almost 49 years, but on 14 March Cooper Tire & Rubber’s Texarkana factory in the US state of Arkansas produced its 350 millionth tyre, the most tyres ever produced by a single facility in Cooper Tire history!

The tyre maker says 7 million tyres are produced in Texarkana every year these days, giving the plant an annual output that’s a far cry from the early years; the first tyre was produced at the factory on 16 April 1964, and it took 24 years before the millionth tyre was manufactured.

But achieving the production of 350 million tyres at the plant was a great accomplishment for the Texarkana team, said Scott Cole, Cooper’s Texarkana plant manager. “That number of tires, stacked end-to-end, would stretch over 132,500 miles or the equivalent of five trips around the world! I appreciate the productivity and quality that our team has delivered throughout nearly five decades in Texarkana. With great effort, great things can be accomplished. We look forward to millions more as we continue to focus on production efficiency and quality,” he said.

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