Cooper Tires are proud to sponsor Project Kiwi Trust

Cooper Tires are proud to support Project Kiwi Trust by supplying Cooper A/T3 tyres for their specialist vehicles.  Project Kiwi Trust is New Zealand’s ( and the world’s) first community based Kiwi conservation initiative saving North Island Brown Kiwi on the Kuaotunu Peninsula, near Whitianga on the Coromandel’s East Coast. 

We spoke to the Project Managers from Project Kiwi Trust, Jon and Paula Williams and here is what they had to say about how they use their vehicles and where they go in their vehicles.

'How do we use our vehicles?
We have lived on site for the last four years; an idyllic private beach on the eastern seaboard of the Coromandel Peninsula. To access our lifestyle, we have a five kilometre, clay-based, four-wheel drive track. Over winter, regular rainfall turns this track into a greasy, wet, quagmire. It is really hard on heavier vehicles. These vehicles are light and narrow, and this allows us to navigate around the ruts and deeper puddles. The tyres grip and ensure no sideways or off-the-track action when transporting our precious cargo, be this kiwi eggs or young children!

We also use the vehicles to show trustees and sponsors around the operational area of the Trust. Next year the vehicles will be used to transport volunteer listeners during our kiwi call survey; this survey helps us ascertain the kiwi population on the Kuaotunu Peninsula and evaluate whether our management of the area is making a difference to the kiwi population.

Where do they go?
Where don’t they go! They may be small, but they sure are mighty! They can go everywhere a quad bike can go, because they are narrow and have great tyre tread; wide enough to throw clay out and give us traction. Our pest and predator control and kiwi monitoring travels from the beaches to the ridges through the native and exotic forests that all make up part of the Project Kiwi Trust operational area.

Thanks to David at Professional Tyres in Takanini for making us aware of this very worthwhile cause and helping us supply 3 sets of Cooper A/T3 tyres.  For more information on Project Kiwi Trust or to make a donation please visit, or visit them on Facebook at' Jon and Paula Williams

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