These AT3 tyres exceeded my expectation

Hi Matt,

Yesterday I was in at TyreMaster , Tauranga branch, getting my Cooper A/T3 tyres balanced and rotated. I have just done 10,000 kms on the new A/T3’s in 8 weeks.

The tyres are a huge step up from the factory tyres that Toyota provided with my 2009 Hilux. I carry 300-350 kg load with my tools and the side wall roll has reduced and provides more stability on the road. I run the tyres at 38 PSI.

I went for a 4x4 drive up Thompson’s track, from the Te Aroha side of the Kaimai’s last Saturday. I let the Cooper A/T3’s down to 17 PSI and went more places than expected. There is a “play area” that was inviting and I checked it out. I got to try the Ute and tyres out in places that I would expect to use my winch… I drove through some spot’s that needed extra effort to get through.  I could have used my winch or got a tow, but that would mean getting out of the Ute and getting muddy, so I made the tyres do the work. The winch didn’t get used and the snatch strap is still dry. These are not mud tyres.  My Hilux has standard factory running gear, LSD in the rear and open diff in the front. (No diff lockers) These A/T3 tyres exceeded my expectation.

Russell-Bailey-photo-2.jpgThe tyres seemed expensive, but with an 80,000Km warranty, I was prepared to make the investment and “give it a go”. I am pleased that I “gave it a go” as the 80,000km warranty is only one of the benefits.  I drive 50 to 60 thousand kms per year and the driving comfort and stability is more important to me.

When I get to buying another set of tyres to be used for 4X4 Action, (mud tyres)  I’ll be looking at Cooper’s to see what they have for me. I have high expectations from Cooper, as the A/T3’s have lifted the bar.


Thanks to Matt at TyreMaster Tauranga for introducing me to Cooper A/T3’s!


Russell Bailey  
Elite Electrical Inspections

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