Frequently Asked Questions

My Land Rover Discovery was built using Michelin tyres to obtain the characteristic ride & handling - will a Coopers perform to the same level.
Cooper being a non-OE tyre is made to a standard not a price, so the characteristics will be at the least equivalent and in most cases better than the original tyre supplied with the vehicle.

Are Cooper tyres also made for snow conditions?
All Cooper tyres are mud and snow rated tyres, however depending on conditions chains may need to be used.

Do Cooper tyres manufacture a “universal” tyre suitable for most types of terrain?
While there is no “universal tyre” that can suit all applications the Cooper A/T3 and the S/T are good all rounders that will suit most applications with the right tyre pressures being used. Consult your local dealer to ensure you are getting the right tyre for the usage you will be putting the tyre to.

How do Cooper tyres handle in wet weather conditions?
Cooper tyres use the latest technology and designs in their tyres. See through tread patterns allow water to be rapidly dispersed from the tyre surface reducing the aquaplaning effect and improving traction for a better safer ride.

Is steering response improved by using Cooper tyres compared to other brands?
With deeper tread and stronger sidewalls allowing the tyres to stand straighter, Cooper Tyres give better ride and handling characteristics than other brands.

Will fuel economy be improved by fitting Cooper tyres compared to other brands?
With the Cooper tyres having deeper tread than other manufacturers fuel economy may show minimal differences.

Do Cooper tyres have an extra protective layer between the tread and the steel belts?
Yes, it is a spiral layer nylon over wrap giving the tyre more strength and directional stability.

What is the ply bias on the sidewalls?
Bias ply is a type of construction non steel belted, and is in most cases being replaced by the steel belted radials.

Please explain the relationship between width and aspect ratio.
Aspect ratio is the % the distance the side wall depth compares to the width measurement: e.g. a 265 75 16 tyre has a sidewall measurement of approx 75% of the tread measurement (the 265 figure).

Do I have to buy a full set to be able to get whatever warranty is available (eg can I buy only 2 tyres)?
No. If you are eligible for mileage warranty it will apply subject to the normal terms and conditions. All other warranties apply as normal.

How often do I have to get the tyres checked within the warranty period?
Every 10,000 Klms or as near to that as possible or whatever your Authorised Cooper dealer recommends.

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