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You’ve read magazines and listened to what your friends and other drivers you’ve met on your travels had to say about their 4x4 tyres but who do you ask to get expert advice to help you choose the right 4x4 tyre to suit your specific needs? 

Expert advice involves experience driving and testing 4x4 tyres offroad
Most tyre professionals will be able to help you with the features and benefits of a tyre, based on theory learnt in the showroom and from brochures provided by tyre manufacturers.  Ask how much practical, real-life experience they have driving offroad, travelling the outback or testing different tyres and tread patterns and you will probably find few with that experience and knowledge to give you expert advice.

In New Zealand, 4x4 tyres are subjected to a variety of applications and terrain.  Choosing the right tread pattern, size and carcass construction is essential when driving around town on smooth bitumen or driving heavy-loaded vehicles on wet, muddy tracks.  We, as New Zealands distributor of Cooper Tires, recognize that.

When you call 0800 383 695 you will receive expert advice from a team of Cooper 4x4 Tyre Specialists who not only share your enthusiasm for four-wheel driving but have real-life experience of driving offroad and testing different tyres and tread patterns in every terrain imaginable.

Training Authorised Cooper Tires Dealers to build their 4WD tyre expertise
While other tyre manufacturers sell to any tyre retailer and provide brochures and other theory for training, Cooper Tires are only available from Authorised Cooper Tires Dealers who are selected for their interest and experience in four-wheel driving and receive ongoing training at 4WD weekends and trips.  The training allows their staff, from the proprietor and manager to the tyre fitters, to learn from Cooper’s 4WD Tyre Specialists as well as building their experience driving offroad and testing different tread patterns on various terrain.

Knowing how tyres are designed and built
Visiting Cooper’s factories, research and development, and testing facilities in America also means New Zealand's Cooper 4WD Tyre Specialists understand what goes into building a 4x4 tyre and how tyres are designed to perform on various terrain and suit particular applications.

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